If you are looking for information about Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Melaleuca, then you have come to the right place. Hundreds of hours of research have gone into collecting the information you can access freely on this site. Frank’s story is the kind legends are made of. It’s a rags to riches classic . . . and it’s true.

To help organize this information, I’ve compiled it into separate sections: Personal Life, Business Life, Awards, News, Politics, Videos, and In His Words.

I first met Frank VanderSloot while I was managing a small landing strip in high desert country. We saw plenty of coyotes and prairie dogs out there, but not much else. So when someone drove out from town to let me know that a “Mr. VanderSloot from Idaho” would soon be arriving, my interest was quickly captured. After about 15 minutes of internet searching, I found out that Frank is a successful businessman and an advocate of financial and moral responsibility in government–but in-depth information, like you will find on this site, was difficult to uncover.

Then something unusual happened . . .

After his plane landed, we discovered the truck he and his team planned on using was in need of repair. The rest of us were standing around wondering what to do, but Frank didn’t waste any time at all on that–he was quickly on his back in the dirt, sliding under the chassis to seek a solution. That picture comes back to me whenever I hear Frank VanderSloot’s name. He is a guy who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and take action. Other VIPs would have ordered someone else to crawl under the truck; but not Frank.

In the months after that first encounter, there were several other times when Frank visited our airport. Each time, he was down to earth and personable. He never demanded special treatment, nor did he expect it. The more I found out about him, the more interested I became in his story. Frank wasn’t born into wealth and position. As a boy, it was up to him to milk the cow and feed the livestock before heading to school. At night, he did it all over again, then chopped firewood to boot.

He worked his way through college, and he worked his way into corporate leadership positions. If you ask him about what made the difference for him, though, he will likely tell you the same thing he told me: “I know where my blessings come from; I just don’t know why.”

My extensive research turned up a ton of information about Frank VanderSloot. Realizing how valuable it would have been to me, had I been able to find the most important of that data in one place, I decided to share my findings here so that all who have an interest in the Frank VanderSloot saga can have access to it. My hope is that you will find as much inspiration in Frank’s story as I have found, and that we will be encouraged to follow his lead towards a success unexpected in common hours–finding a way to beat the “good old boy” system that favors only the rich–and to a passion for turning the world upside down.

Something not many people realize is that Melaleuca, the Inc 500 Hall of Fame company Frank leads, is as much a cause as it is a manufacturer and provider of wellness products. The unique distribution concept that Frank set up, Direct to Consumer Marketing, is aimed at creating opportunity for anyone who wants to take up the challenge and work hard to make a difference.

The portrait of Melaleuca marketing executives is a portrait of America–a melting pot of races, religions, and professions–and everyone starts off at the same spot, with the same advantages. It is truly incredible to see such a powerful concept move from theory to action.

All told, this is a story about how one man overcame the odds and beat the system at its own game . . . and it is a challenge for the rest of us to do the same. To find out more about Frank VanderSloot, or one of the companies he leads, just choose any of these links to get started: Personal Life, Business Life, Awards, News, Politics, Videos, and In His Words.